Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pasca PRU12:Apa Yang Bukan Melayu Nak?

Mengimbas kembali kemenangan pembangkang dlm PRU12 yang lepas saya secara umumnya dapat melihat kecenderungan sebahagian besar warga muda bukan Melayu dan Islam di Malaysia mahukan keadaan seperti berikut;

Comment by The Spirit of Freedom on March 11, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

We need also to change our system (Federal Constitution of Malaysia, not only people:
We need to change these items urgently:

1. make a new definition of Malay …..
2. equal treatment for all religions and race … no special treatment to Malay … and also no more “supremacy” of Malay …3. abolish ISA ..
4. abolish “shariah” law …
5. new political party regulation … political party should be established by ideology .. not by “race” ..
6. more freedom of press and media …
7. separation of religion with state … religion should be under a “private” domain …
8. many others … you can add it …

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